Streaming Analytics

Organizations nowadays generate massive amounts of data at high speed in a wide range of formats. Ability to transform this data into valuable real-time insights increases the business value of organizations. Streaming Analytics allows organizations to constantly analyze data to divulge real-time insights and proactively act on them whilst these insights are still new and relevant.

Progressive Digital performs real-time streaming analytics for your critical business solutions and delivers in-depth insights that enhance your ability to respond to customers, identify market status in real-time, mitigate associated risks and boost up security.

Our Approach

Analysis of data in motion utilizing integrated real-time dashboards, pre-configured with advanced graphs and charts.

Performance monitoring of running applications along with their underlying compute elements through graphs.

Ingestion, analysis, monitoring, and correlating of data as soon as it arrives from real-time sources.

Streaming of many events per second while viewing information and events as they reveal.

Help achieve mission-critical reliability and performance with predictable results.


Sensor Data Analytics/IoT Analytics

Real-time analysis of data streaming from sensors/IoT devices for correlating diverse data sources and gaining functional insights.


Fraud & Anomaly Detection

Real-time tracking of unusual data patterns and identification of potential anomalies to eliminate fraud, lower risks, and monitor cyber security


Log Analytics

Real-time collection of all your logs to continuously search, view, and analyze the collected data.


Predictive Maintenance

Reveal unseen patterns and unhealthy performance trends, predict and prevent asset failure, and optimize supply chain processes with maximum productivity.


Click-Stream Analytics

Collect, analyze, and report visit behavior (or click paths) of your each user to improve user satisfaction and experience