Mobile App Analytics

Considering the ubiquitous and highly fluctuating nature of mobile applications, it is quite imperative to analyze how the capabilities of your mobile applications will affect your business.

Progressive going digital, thus inspires real-time actions through top-notch mobile analytics for your app enhancement rather than serving as a rearview mirror for historical performance data.

Our Approach

Capture all in-app events, users’ actions and behaviors they exemplify.

Our real-time data collection help optimizes your application and increases productivity without limits or data-point costs.

Complete flexibility and transparency along with the ability to customize app parameters, reports, and metrics accordingly.

Automated insights analyze user engagement, user retention, revenue/ROI generated, and uninstalls while highlighting significant campaign changes.

Leveraging our Mobile Analytics, one can achieve cost savings and globally extend their reach to customers, as well as, to constituents across network channels.


Usage Analytics & Comprehensive Session

Know customers better, find out what features they love the most, how frequently they use your app, and improve your productivity to the max.


Acquisition/Attribution Analytics

Understand exactly how users interact with your app and which content users engage with most to build a more engaging experience.


Conversion, Retention, and Lifetime Value (LTV) Analytics

Deeper insights to optimize app engagement for better user retention, conversion, and lifetime value


Churn Analytics

Identify users that are most likely to stop using your mobile application.


Real-time In-App Analytics

Advanced in-app analytics with interactive reports to gain pinpoint insights of your users’ every gesture on each screen in real-time


Sentiment Analytics

Gain deeper insights and trends in terms of user preferences, sentiments, and actions.


Cohort Analytics

Examine the behavior and performance of specific groups of users that share common attributes over a certain time period


Funnels Analytics

Analyze how users progress through specific paths or series of events within your apps in the time you expect them to