Enterprise Collaboration

Collaboration has proved to be enticing all across the world and has eventually turned out to be an essential element for every organization regardless of their size and type. The justifying reason being, the collaboration strategies that are efficient enough to enable end-to-end connections between consumers and partners contributing to the enterprise’s productivity.

However, the biggest challenge in this milieu that holds up any enterprise to make their critical data or information open are the security threats.

But, in the current dynamic digital environment where prompt access to a wide range of data from multiple devices is constantly required by the employees, having your corporate data locked up is not a good option.

Our enterprise collaboration services provide you the essence and the foundation for end-to-end connection with people (individuals or teams), content, information and applications in the most secure way. Aiding enterprises as the backbone of their social network, we empower them to augment digital collaboration practice across the organization, bring agility and drive operational intelligence in their businesses.


Business email, shared calendars, and video conferencing that brings your team closer together from anywhere.

Collaboration & Storage

Create, edit, store and share documents, spreadsheets, and presentations in your browser and across devices.

Security & Administration

Secure, fast, and easy IT administration management across your organization, data, and devices.


We help enterprises drive adoption of Office 365 and Google Suite to enable them to move into the next phase of growth as a part of change management.


  • Office 365: An office suite of desktop and cloud applications designed for productivity and collaboration.


  • G Suite: A Google service providing customizable enterprise versions of several products featuring web apps like Gmail, Hangouts, Google Calendar, Groups, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drive, News, Play and so on.