Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence lays the intelligence and potency of data under the control of IT leaders at the critical moment of need, and in more valuable ways, to infer significance and improve business decisions. It helps enterprises of all shapes and sizes deliver the right data to the right group of onlookers, at the right time, and at the opportune place to accomplish their business goals.

Being digitally innovative, Progressive helps business pioneers settle on better choices by analyzing their organizations’ raw data and delivering accurate reports.

Our Approach

Business insights delivered by integrating state-of-the-art tools into evaluations and reports, effectively enhancing your day-to-day operations.

Delivery of innate solutions that empower organization administrators to upkeep workplace efficacy in shorter timeframes.

Use of advanced analytics to create stunning data visualizations and rich KPI incorporated dashboards accessible from the browser or mobile device.

Business insights packaged as interactive reports with drill-down on your charts, graphs, and dashboards.

Transform your raw data into actionable insights with enhanced business intelligence reporting.


Location Intelligence (LI)

Make better decisions with heat maps, geographic distribution analysis, geospatial analytics, demographic correlations, and much more.


Operational intelligence

Active sensing, effective monitoring, precise analysis, and efficient management of your business operations.


Business performance management (BPM)

Monitor, analyze, and manage your business processes to make critical decisions in risk events and opportunities


Customer Analytics

Leverage quality data insights and enhance your prospects-customer relationships throughout the entire lifecycle


Workforce productivity

Improve your workforce productivity by measuring and tracking their utilization, as well as, their efficiency


Mobile Reporting

Rich visual reports, charts, and dashboards accessible on mobile devices, anywhere, anytime.


Visual Analytics

Showcase the story of your business with stunning visual analytics, discover hidden data patterns from a library enriched with visual components, and gain unique insights with rich data mash-ups.


Interactive Dashboards

Transform your huge databases and Excel sheets into smart interactive dashboards (including charts, maps & drill-downs) that convey the story of your data with clarity and transparency.