Big Data Analytics

Every large organization faces the big challenge of accessing huge amounts of data and efficiently putting them into use for business productivity. Data is stored in multiple systems and silos that make it difficult for the organizations to access that data and enhance their daily operations and important decisions. Analysis of this voluminous data by leveraging the power of the cloud can turn it into actionable insights.

Progressive Digital solves this challenge by exploring, mining, visualizing, and analyzing your big data (both inside and outside). Using advanced analytic techniques against extensive, diverse data sets, we turn the data into new insights and help you improve your business processes along with decision making.

Our Approach

Leverage customer data based on preferences, wish lists, purchase patterns, feedback, inquiries etc. to generate actionable customer insights in real-time.

Significant storage and maintenance cost reduction while ensuring a seamless customer experience across products, services, network channels, and lifecycle.

Better and faster decision making.

Increase business value and profitability by enhanced customer targeting through cross/up selling.

Launch successful loyalty agendas or programs.


Customer Analytics

Get an in-depth understanding of your customers, their behaviors and motivations with our “360° Customer View” that analyzes data from both internal and external data sources.


Sentiment Analysis

Quantify your every user’s opinions and emotions towards your services and products to serve them better.


Operations Analytics

Complete visibility of operations and customer activities in real-time. Analysis of massive machine, operational, and enterprise data for service levels optimization.


Anomaly Detection Analytics

Uncover hidden, suspicious patterns, detect fraudulent activities, and mitigate risks to stay in compliance.


Ad-hoc Analytics

On-demand analysis of the data sets you need. Dynamic reports to identify new relevant visitor segments, insights, and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).


Predictive Analytics

Predict unknown future events by analyzing your current business data. Amplify your business capabilities with ad-hoc statistical analysis, predictive modeling, data mining, machine learning and more.


Data Warehouse Modernization

Optimization, rationalization, and augmentation of existing data warehouse by combining streaming and data sources to deliver better query performance.